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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Not exactly how we planned it!

We started our day planning to catch a soccer tournament game before we headed to the airport for our 1:20 flight to DC...well the tournament was cancelled after 24 hours of rain, and we should have thought is through but where do you think that storm system is going next? If you guessed DC then you would be correct, and thus we begin a very long day...

Our united express plane started off on a bumpy stretch with the wind blowing us around pretty hard. We get close to DC and are informed that we will have to circle the city waiting for some storms to clear. About 2 hours later, and an hour after we were supposed to land we begin our descent. To describe the flight as rough would be an understatement. It was the worst turbulence either of us had ever experienced. Unfortunately for Candi, she became extremely nauseous and ended up leaving her lunch and most of breakfast on the plane. If you knew us during any of our other 3 pregnancies you may think that God was getting some sick pleasure out of this, as Candi has said often that she couldn't endure another pregnancy because of how horrible she felt and that this adoption process, while long and tedious, was her easiest pregnancy ever! Well, after tonight she may have learned not to speak so fast.

We end up landing in Baltimore almost 2 hours late, and then we sit on the runway...and we sit...and we sit. We wait as no planes are coming or going and they won't let us pull up to a gate that isn't owned by United Airlines. In the meantime the toilet is overflowed and the natives are getting restless...and still not feeling very well. It takes us nearly 2 hours to get off the plane, and they give everyone their bags and offered an hour bus ride to Dulles...I've been married to my wife long enough to know that she was NOT getting on a bus with 60 people after tossing her cookies halfway to we made use of our travel insurance (best decision ever - thanks Lynn Torti) and they book us a rental car while we are still waiting on the Tarmac. Of course the rental cars are 10 minutes off site and my phone is dead, so I leave candi to get the bags and it takes me forever...but at 8:30 we finally head out in our Chevy Malibu packed full with all of our bags.

Thank God for GPS, because we were able to easily navigate to our hotel near Dulles, and we make it just in time to eat dinner here at the hotel restaurant. A long day, almost over. We ended up right where we needed to be, but the journey was one that we won't soon forget.

Here's to clear skies for the next leg of our flight to Addis...I'm not sure we can handle much more, but We will faithfully continue our journey and just 24 hours from landing in Addis and being reunited with our children forever.

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  1. Ooooh - rough day. Hoping tomorrow is a piece of cake and you both sleep well tonight - and on the plan ride.

  2. Candi -Praise God this may be the last "pregnancy nausea" you have to experience-- praying for you all....

  3. Insane!!!! So sorry for such a rough start to the trip - praying its smooth from here on out!