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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We got THE CALL!!!!!

YES! It happened! I was not expecting the call. I honestly had it in my mind that we would be waiting a few more months. I just never thought it would happen right now.

Our case worker called Jay yesterday. He was in a meeting, but when he saw her number (and it's not time for our monthly update!) he immediately got out of his meeting and answered. We were on the wait list for up to 3 children, but requested at least 2 boys, and if there was a third in there we would take a boy or a girl. K wanted to know if we would be willing to change our parameters and consider a new sibling set they had that was a sister and brother. So, Jay hangs up ... calls me. I was attempting to rest - which you moms know is almost a joke! My "rest time" had already been interrupted 3 times by some precious children.

(I feel like I need to paint a better picture of the last month or so of my life . . . EVERYONE in my house has been sick during the last 5 weeks! 3 kids with the flu (ALL at separate times which equals very little sleep!), husband on 2 rounds of antibiotics, that alone = one tired momma. All this during the holidays and trying cook, shop, work, etc. Then we opened gifts Christmas morning and left to go to Atlanta for Jay's family Christmas (which was great!) But we came back Monday night to my house looking like a tornado went through it. 2 kids threw up in the car on the way home. My oldest has a 102 temp still. AHHHHHHH Take me a way! I spent Tuesday cleaning to have some sense of peace and had FINALLY said "momma is laying down for 30 minutes!")
So when he calls and asks what I'm doing, I say kinda irritatingly, "I was trying to get 30 minutes of rest!" He then says, "well K just called." WELL, I'm up and at attention!!! "She wants to know if we will consider a daughter and a son." ME - "YES!" So we call her back and have the 45 minutes referral phone call where we get all the details about them and we get to see them for the first time! MY heart melts. I'm trying to listen to all that K is saying, but those precious faces!! At the end of the phone call she asks if we want to move forward. We asked for some time because Jay was at work, I was at home and we felt we needed time to pray and talk as a family since this was different than what we had planned. (we had planned being the key phrase there!)

The kids had hair cut appts, that we were late for, and then we met for dinner. We told the kids at dinner that we had gotten a call from our agency and they were asking us to consider a 5 year old girl and 18 month old son. My kids immediate reaction was priceless. Our son Carter says "I call him my brother for my whole life!" Haley says, "they are ours, I know it, let's go get them." I was honestly worried about how they would react so they calmed me and gave me the peace I was looking for. Jay also said he knew they were ours. So, we called K back and said "YES!!" We are in love with them already. We would move ahead. We spent last night doing those lovely transition packets. Gotta love paper work! We got to 3 since we have children in different age groups and siblings!!! Finished it up and emailed them back.

Our plan is never really the plan to begin with. The fact that we got the call during absolute chaos I find perfect. Really, I love the chaos. Wouldn't have it any other way. I could do with out the flu, but I love being the mom and getting them through the flu. I love my house being a wreck and know it's that way because my kids are very comfortable in their home and want to be here. HIS plan is perfect. He knew all along I had these two beautiful faces waiting on me. He chose the perfect time for me stop and see Him when it was the hardest time to stop and see Him. Another reminder He is always in control and holding us in His hands.

Now we wait to hear about court dates. Not sure of the time table at this point. They should be home sometime this spring. We thank you all for your prayers and support!! We are just thrilled and in love with a picture of some beautiful smiling faces!!! I can't wait to get my arms around them!
Happy New Year to you all! What a fabulous way to end 2010!!!