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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm finally downloading pictures from this summer. AND as a very PROUD momma - had to post some of my little fish. Our family loves summer swim team! They have all swam since they were 4 on swim team. (Mom being a pediatric nurse practitioner makes swimming a non negotionable item in our family! Good thing they all love to swim!) Anyway, we had a great swim season. Had to share some great pictures of victory!

Carter won high point winner for his age group - big deal if you don't know what that means. He got the most points for the whole season for the 6 and under boys and got a T shirt to wear proudly!
Haley did amazing in her championship meet! She got 6th runner up (out of about 200 girls I think.) YAY for Haley!!!
SB sporting her ribbons and metals from her championship meet. She was the youngest in her division this year, so getting some ribbons and metals is a big deal! She swam her personal best in everything she did - she's awesome!
Here's Carter sporting his trophy and metals. He won 4th runner up in the 6 and under boys. His relay broke the county record by 2 seconds - that's alot in swimming! YAY for Carter!!

I know parents who brag can be annoying, but I'm going to be annoying. I am so proud of all of their hard work!! Swimming takes a lot of dedication and gives so much back beyond metals and trophies! Very proud of them for getting up every morning and practicing. Takes alot of perseverance and courage to be on swim team. YAY for them! (and if I don't brag loudly, who will? Right?)
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