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Friday, May 20, 2011

What's been going on . .

Trying this post again!!!
So what have we been up to? Here's a glimpse of the last couple of weeks in pictures!!!

WE LOVE BATH TIME!!!!!!! Went from screaming to loving it in a matter of 3 days!

Still loving the beep beep! A constant source of entertainment (and source of a lot of fights! :)

I just think this picture is the sweetest, so had to share!:)

Mother's Day, this pic was taken for my brother's fam as a "wish you were here!"

Mother's Day lunch. I am present, taking all the pictures!

I finally hand the camera to Jay and say you have to get me in a picture on Mother's Day!!! How great is it to be surrounded by all this love!!!!!!! They are all so beautiful!!

Getting some lovin!

My girls LOVE each other. Lots of hugs and kisses going on most of the time between the 3 of them. The share a room and even right now are all in the same bed! They choose that! There are plenty of places to sleep, but they want to be together. They still love to be silly together also! So attractive.

Zak swinging!! Happy boy in his swing

Matching PJs!!!! How pretty are my two princesses?!!

Haley won an award at school for a book she wrote on "Our Journey to Hope and Zak." She won a silver medal. We were all there to congratulate her. So proud!!!

SB also won an award that day for her book on the State of TN. She won the gold medal!!! GO SARAH!!! So proud of her as well!

We had some friends over to grill out and swim. The kids are enjoying their popsicles in the hot tub after dinner. AJ standing in front was one Zak's good buddies at HH. They came home about 2 months before we did. Very fun for us all to be together in TN!!!

LOVING swim lessons!!! She loves the water and with a pool in our back yard and Hope wanting to get in without her floaties on a daily basis, we started swim lessons with a good friend. Those are the great arms of Jim Chapman! Jim has a ton of kids - 3 of them are from China. There were more adopted kids in this class than biological. LOVED it! Looked like he was teaching the United Nations how to swim!

Abby Chapman - awesome swim coach! Having fun teaching my 4th child how to swim!!!

Love this smile. Swim lessons have been wonderful. Jay took her almost every night and they would stay after and swim some more. Wonderful bonding!!! Water breaks so many barriers. It has done so much for Jay and Hope!

One last funny pic - because you have to see those eyes! Is that not the greatest?! When he gets excited those eyes get so big! It's priceless!

Love to you all!!! Have a fun end of school!!!

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