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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meeting our Children

Where to begin?! It was THE trip of a lifetime.  Every time I go overseas it changes my heart a little more.  This trip changed the most.  Ethiopia is an amazing country. The people are so kind and friendly.  We loved being there and felt so welcome.
Quick summary of Rome.  We did fly through Rome and stayed in Rome for 2 days.  It worked out so well to do that having our girls with us.  And really for us, because we were able to fight through our jet lag in Rome and not while meeting our kids in Ethiopia.  Rome was amazing.  We, as in the ole USA, are just babies compared to the streets we were walking there.  Highlights we saw: The Coliseum, Palentine Hill, Valtican Museum, Sistine Chapel and Trevi Fountain.  We also did a bus tour (during the cold rain!) of the whole city, so we really did get to see a lot in 2 days thus making one of my life long dreams a reality. I had always wanted to see Rome.
We flew into Ethiopia on a Tuesday night and got up Wednesday morning to meet our children.  Going into this you never know what your child's reaction will be.  They are grieving and losing so much and it is questionable how they will react to you.  You dream of meeting them, what you pray it will be like.  Our whole family has been praying since we saw their faces the first time for their hearts.  For God to prepare the best He can for meeting us and being able to transition into our family.  I recognize they are in pain and cannot process all they are going through, but how I love them and just want to be there.  So, will this in mind we drive to HH the first day.  First time to see Ethiopia in the day light as well!  You see pictures, but seeing that poverty in person rips you apart.

When we get there they do locate our children and we are standing in the courtyard of HH waiting on them, then M, our daughter, appears in the doorway, makes eye contact with me and it becomes my dream come true.  She runs to me with arms open wide, a smile spread from ear to ear, saying "mommy."  (yes it is on video and great pics!) She holds on tight.   There are not all the words in my vocabulary to describe this moment.  It is a moment I will hide in my heart forever.
Next they bring out S, our son.  He's not so sure about what is going on, but he comes right to me and let's me hold him.  They both love their picture books.  M keeps looking the pictures of her new house and room and looking at me in amazement and putting her hand on her chest asking if this is really hers.  We got to spend the day playing with both of them.

Wow, so those 2 precious faces in pictures have become a reality.  My arms are around them, I'm hugging, kissing and yes, wiping noses!  We don't have the dreams that most people do, but this was our dream come true.  For those who prayed, I must tell you this is the first time in my life I can honestly say I REALLY FELT the power of prayer.  Thank you!  I got an infection on the way over and fortunately had taken the pharmacy with me so I had antibiotics, but it made the week that much more tiring and hard on my body.  So the prayers are what sustained me and made the week amazing!  I can remember one day thinking how am I able to do all of this and I had a gentle reminder of all those praying back home.  A very nice God moment for me.  Thank you so very much!!!   

Oh - I guess I do need to write in this post that we did pass court!  Woohoo!  We were very fortunate to know prior to even stepping in the court room we would pass (minus any major catastrophe.)  We were told the day we arrived that the infamous MOWA letter was already there and all that was left was for us to stand before the judge.  At this point our paperwork is being processed and should be to the US embassy soon and we wait for the phone call to go pick them up!

I'll try to share more soon.   The jet lag is winning today!   The girls had an amazing trip and I am so thankful they went.
Thank you all again!
We love you dearly!



  1. To God be the glory!!! That first moment you see your child and hold them in your arms...NOTHING in the world like it! No words can capture what God is doing in your hearts during that tender embrace. Still praying and praising God!!

  2. WOW!!! Praise God!! Candi, I am just so happy for ya'll...meeting your children, passing court...the MOWA letter being there BEFORE your court date! Amazing! What a huge belssing!!! Can't wait to see pics of your sweet kiddos! Love ya!