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Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have just finished Radical by David Platt. I had to blog to say - YOU must read this book!

Someone had recommended it when I posted a couple of months ago about what God was doing in our lives and the message we had gotten loud and clear is we were not radically devoted. We were stuck in the American Dream. Then my brother came home for a few weeks this summer and he handed me that book. I read it and now telling you, you should read it!!

We have been fervently looking for a church home. We have attended a few churches over the past couple of years and this message of what being radically devoted to Christ vs the American dream has been a very common thread. I do not think it has been by coincidence that so many pastors have this on their hearts. God is sending a very big message to wake a lot of people up. I'm gonna say it and probably offend a few, but here it goes - Serving within your church walls is not active faith. We have found a way to be comfortable and trick ourselves into thinking as long as the "do nots" are not on our list of confessions we are covered. God has broken my heart over our faith being a collection of do nots instead of dos.
I live in Brentwood, TN - has to be in the top 10 most affluent areas in our country which makes it one of the richest places to live in the entire world! We are so unaware of what needs there are even in Nashville, much less around the world. We all give money easily, but that's not really what God is asking of us. What are you doing to truly impact the world for Christ? I'm struggling with what that is for me and my family, but I'm starting to do something about it. Friends, church groups, support systems are all important, but serving only within those groups is not what you were called to do. I know we like to believe some "were called" to foreign missions and that we were not "called." Well, God gave the great commission to everyone. That means you should be doing something, somewhere!

Go read the book! Pray over it and let's all start doing something!


(I feel like I could preach a sermon here, but read the book - then message me! I would love to hear what you think about it and what you see people or yourself doing!)


  1. That book is next on my reading list. Good stuff!

  2. I am reading this book right now! Almost through with is rocking my world!! :)