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Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Candi this time!

Hello friends. I'm finally writing. We have been doing a lot of writing with this new journey we are on. Oh the paperwork - it kinda reminds me of labor in a way! I must say I do prefer being pregnant this way.

We have handed in all of the paperwork needed for the home study. Now we are trying to complete the dossier. At the same time trying to do some fundraising. We are having our ( I hope to be) HUGE yard sale on April 17th! Any donations are welcomed and deeply appreciated. And come shop! Many treasures to be found! We did find out this week that we will be required to travel twice to Ethiopia. While there are positives to this it does mean more cost for us. God is much bigger than any amount of money. And I believe with my whole heart he has lead us here and will be bring us home with our new babies in His time with the money being a way to praise Him for providing. I have signed on to be a consultant for Rodan and Fields to try and make some extra money. If you have not heard of this new company, or if you have, please check out my website or contact me and I would love to show you these wonderful skin care products.
For those of you who work out and need an extra boost, also check out Another very cool new product I was turned onto by my brother. Buying this helps with his work in Asia. (use HORN as the promo code when ordering and receive a discount)

My heart has been spread wide open with this journey. I know this is what I was called to do and really look forward to seeing where all God leads us with orphan ministry. I have always had a passion for children and just love them to pieces. I feel like my loves, gifts and talents are all coming together to truly make an eternal impact. It's an incredible and honoring place to be standing.

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