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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's been a long time!

Obviously, I haven't "blogged" in a long time!  But, I've got something on my heart and mind that needs to be addressed.  This might really just be for me to get it off my chest, but also hoping someone will read this and follow a calling they have been ignoring.

We get asked A LOT of questions.  Most do not bother me a bit.  Most people are good hearted, kind and are just curious - our family does look different.  The one that gets me more than any others at this point - is all the financial questions, especially those coupled with "I have always thought of adopting, BUT I'm worried how we would pay for college."  I hear vacations, sports, private school, cars, etc.

Well, let me tell all of you something - The MILLIONS of orphans in the world today are not worried about going to college - they are praying they get to eat that day.  They are are praying for a mommy to tuck them in at night.  They are praying for a daddy that will play ball with them.  They are praying for SOMEONE to love them unconditionally.  Please stop looking at our orphan crisis with an American view point.

Now what all the sudden spurred this venting after hearing this question for the last 3 years - I teach at a local university, started classes last week and after we had all introduced ourselves, I'm starting to teach, I literally have one of my students interrupt me because she is so concerned and has been pondering since I told them about my family, how in the world I afford to have "all those kids"  "have I thought how I will pay for college?"  "how will I afford cars, food, etc."  I did remind her that I was at work to help support our family.

This past week I have kept coming back to that moment because this student was all but a stranger to me and I know all her questions and concerns - I've been there!  They were my exact thoughts as I said no adopting for years.  Once my heart was opened, I have never considered those questions again.  I do know that one day college is coming for 5 kids and we will find a way for them to go to school if they so desire. We find a way to make it everyday.  But what deep down bothers me now is our society is so focused on the American dream that has become our point of reference.  We sit in houses bigger than we need, with empty rooms for those guests that come 2 times per year.  We have cars with extra seats in case we need to carpool one day.  Our pantries are stuffed with food and our refrigerators have left overs placed in them every night after dinner.

So how do I know that's what orphans are praying for - it's what I hear from my daughter, age 7, on a regular basis.  I hear the stories of her hunger, her fear, and her constant hoping and praying for a mommy to come pick her up and take her home.  She begs me not to forget those we left behind.  Saying "please say you will adopt again, there are so many."

Well, there are many and I can't forget!  So while I'm not called to bring another one home right now, (I will never say never, I've learned that lesson!) I can advocate for those who are lonely and want a home, a family, a place they feel loved and secure.  And someone out there has space in the home, the resources to take care of them and the love in their heart to take one more in.

Proverbs 31:8  "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves."
Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone - Andy Stanley

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